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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The One Where Dulci Becomes a PowerUser

Thanks to everyone who listened to Monday nights Wolf & Dulci Hour. We had a great time and hope that you had fun right along with us.

If you missed the live show, the download is now available here.

Some of the topics discussed this week (after the intro which included new fitness tips, including how to breathe like the big bad wolf and do bicep curls like little red riding hood):

  • Recent iclone releases:
Pinhead: In The S***
Pinhead: In The S***

Pinhead: In The S*** From: afterThought

A fabulous movie by a first-time 3D director. This was for entry into the Pinhead competition, and has been applauded by many viewers.

Angels v Demons
Angels v Demons

Angels v Demons From: capemedia

A highly anticipated release that lived up to its expectations. So many details in this short that it takes multiple viewings to appreciate all of them!

  • My new status as an iclone poweruser!!! (believe me, I say that tongue-in-cheek and not without a huge amount of gratitude for the post about our show)
  • Using the 3d warehouse in conjunction with 3dxchange
  • Our tip - always check the 3d warehouse before making any content purchases
  • Browsing the Reallusion content store
  • Browsing fansite content stores - including the site with some of Wolf's goodies - CoolCreators Content Store
  • Available freebies - many to be found at CoolClones once you are a registered member
  • Stump The Wolf! - Wolf's summary of the question - Adjusting Animations After the Fact - can be found here (you'll need to register to the site to read it)
  • Exclusive Wolf & Dulci Hour freebie content for our listeners - this week, a parking lot set. Listen to the download to learn how you can receive it as well!

Thanks again for listening - although I suspect we would still do this even if no one did, it sure makes it more fun to know other people can hear me finally get something over on Wolf (can't guarantee that happens every show but I sure do my best!)....

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