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Friday, October 23, 2009

The One Where We Giggle at FancyPants

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Boy oh boy, were we chatty this week! So much had been happening in the iClone world since our last show, it felt like we hadn't talked to each other in a month!

I had some fun creating a little tribute song to a few recent shows. As our loyal listeners surely know, we have been hearing some strange & unusual words coming from our guests lately. I hereby present you with....The Greeble Song!

We moved on from such pointless frivolity to announce several filmmaking competitions that our audience might want to get involved in. Here's links to a few of them:

Hair Loss Awareness by Hair Loss Dot Com
Pinhead Silent Movie Competition
48 Hour Machinima
Harb40's Passion Competition

We are so excited to announce that a few more iClone movies have been accepted to be screened at the Machinima Expo November 22, 2009 in Second Life. Click here for the full list of films.

This leads right into our "very special announcement" - we have been asked to present iClone 4 as a machinima engine at the Machinima Expo, as announced on their site:

12PM (PST) -Iclone 4 with “Wolf and Dulci” & added help from John Martin

1230PM -Open Sim/Second Life with Katy Fosk – (Parallel Event: IClone 4 Follow up in Reallusion Pavillion)

We also discussed some hot spots to go to get tutorials & information about using iClone. Some you might want to check out:

iClone Revolution
iClone Certified Training

iClone Wiki
Reallusion tutorials

The Stump the Wolf question this week focused on reflective maps.

Our exclusive freebie is our first iclone 4 freebie. A Jimmy Toon exclusive character avatar.

The promo video this weeks feature some content from Wolf's upcoming mega sci-fi pack:

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