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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Two Shots for the Price of One!

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This week the official Wolf & Dulci Hour Drinking Game, as devised by Act3Scene24 aka Jorge, was launched. The full ruleset can be found here. A special thank you to K4, Killian, Allpoint, AfterThought, and Gabe for providing the voices for the radio spot featuring the game.

Guest WarLord joined us to discuss the launch of his new content pack: Destructible Props - Vol 1 - The Castle, as seen in action here:

We were also joined by Rainman, and after finally convincing him that he was indeed on the air we discussed the CoolClones Christmas Freebies.

This week's exclusive listener freebie, keeping in the spirit of sci-fi and fun and frivolity is our very own Wolfbot Clone bone character.

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