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Monday, January 11, 2010

Shaking the Magic 8 Ball

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The first show of 2010 was (no surprise) a busy one. As for what we think the future holds - it's near impossible to give a Cliff's Notes version of the discussion, so you'll have to take a listen for those tidbits.

We both enjoyed Raven2Angel's recent release:

Echoes from Raven Angel on Vimeo.

Echoes. Starring Afterthought & Mike Bretzfelder. Made with iclone 3.2

We discussed some new content available from Reallusion - SuperHero Vol 1

Paumanok West shared some of his tips & experiments with the pack. We also mentioned the Jam Band pack.

Reallusion has ventured into making apps for the iPhone

This week's Freebie will be easily recognizable for any Halo fans. The Halo Pelican. This is one of the better Sketchup versions out there. Originally modelled by Commander 00M9 (Thanks Commander). We brought it into iclone via 3Dxchange and dirtied up the texturing a bit. Works a treat in iclone.

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