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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The One Where Our Guest Is A Bad Influence


On this week's show, we discuss the latest competition by Reallusion (for more details click the image below) - the costume design competition.

Additionally, Vesobe joins us for a chat, and between the two of them, had me blushing & giggling even more than usual (I wonder if I will continue having giggle fits when I'm in my 80's. I keep waiting go grow out of this phase).

Vesobe ventured into machinima in 2007, moving the live action The Sunrunner Signal into Star Wars Galaxies.

He later ventured into The Movies, perhaps most famously for his Cry Wolf series (remembered by Dulci as the only time she begged for a role).

A gifted comedic writer as well, he brought to TMOA Radio the Dudeo & Valleygirl radioplay, which Dulci has promised to some day make into an iClone series:

Dudeo and The Valleygirl Teaser
Dudeo and The Valleygirl...

What's next on the horizon for Ves? Well, he's got a project in the works that he has unveiled only 2 pieces of information about: 1) It will be called The Signal; and 2) It will be made with iClone.

For our freebie a little bit of creativity. Wolf was in need of a snakepit for his Indiana Clone video from last year so he grabbed a few snake props from sketchup, re-textured/colored them and added some different rotations. Merged the snake props together and you get a coiling rolling snake pit. Our weekly free giveaway to our listeners.

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