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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The One Where We Start Packing Our Bags


This week, Mark aka Rainman from CoolClones joined us to discuss our upcoming adventures in Siggraph.

On August 5th from 12-2pm, Reallusion will be sharing a sneak peek of iClone4 along with a demo. After that's wrapped up, we will begin our broadcast live from the floor. It's possible we're a little excited about this, as our show this week will bear out! A big thank you to John Martin for his insider information and for accepting the challenge for a Stump the John! question to be determined by Wolf at our live-on-the-scene show.

Our chat room was even more rambunctious than usual this week, and we took it upon ourselves to provide new and improved nicknames for some of our listeners. Wolf isn't stumped by the intriguing question....Can iClone be used to create a one-armed-man (answer: yes, but you'll have to listen to the show to find out how)?

We took a look at Biggstrek's entry into the Reallusion costume challenge - Forbidden Planetoid.

We also announce our newly unveiled blog; but if you're reading this here, you're obviously already aware of it!

Our freebie this week honors the memory of Wolf's faithful furry companion.

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