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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The One Where We Are Struck By Lightning

In the June 22nd show Wolf & I take you on a special journey, exploring:

Features of CrazyTalk 6
Redi Direko vs Floyd Shivambo - The Animated Summary by Roy Blumenthal
Berlin Wall Graffiti Animation by John Martin
Heroes of the War by Bart Mancuso Lee

and, of course, the movie that we have been smitted (smitten? smited? smote?) with lightning for watching and discussing....
Boo by MarvelousGuppi

One of the character actors in the movie, themonk (see his Security Guards in Space series), joined us to discuss Boo as well as using CrazyTalk 5 for multiple character animation.
external image pillows.jpg

The exclusive giveway Freebie is a set of comfy fluffy pillows. Just send the phrase that pays to for your own set.

The show is available for download here.

If any of you are insanely diehard fans of mine, I'm also in the second half of the Industry 101 Show from June 21st - available here.

Oh, and how could I almost lovely lovely cover of Linkin Park's One Step Closer (the special Shut Up Wolf! version)...

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