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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The One Where We Pompously Discuss Art

This week we chose to focus on the use of iClone to create 3D still image renderings.

With the limited amount of time, we weren't able to focus on all the great examples that are out there, but we did take a look at the works found here:

Wicked Oz Images by Capemedia
Images by Armstrong
Alemar Historyboards
Wolfzone Digital Art
Once Upon a Time Images by Wireframe Animations
Still renders by Animatechnica

We also discussed the fun to be had in creating imagery to coincide with poetry:

The Most Amazing Things by Peter Martin
Leaves of Grass Web Animation by Paumanok West

A good opportunity to explore poetry & moviemaking is in Blue's Poetry Animation Contest.

external image books.jpg
The super duper uber freebie was announced, and those who send the super duper uber passphrase to can receive their own personal copy of the bookcase and books.

And don't forget to listen to the lovely song I made for Wolf in the intro of the show, followed by EmeraldEdge's rendition of Feed My Frankenstein in the break.

The show can be downloaded here.

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