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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The One Where Wolf Muddles Through Without Dulci

Wolf did a great show without me this week, with the help of his gracious co-host Animatechnica. You can download the show here.

Naturally, they discussed various aspects of Animatechnica's recent release, The Expedition.

The Expedition

They delved into his techniques in set-building (including 3D blocks), where did he get that elephant? (hint - White Tiger Marketplace by Gorz), scripting, James Chilton's weapon props, casting the characters, freebies available at CoolClones from the movie, and Animatechnica's general thought process in movie-making.

Also discussed:

  • Upcoming Wolf & Dulci 3D Blocks Props Competition (I'm sure we'll have a more exciting name for that soon)
  • Royalty Free - all content on the Reallusion content store is royalty free as of May 22, 2009 - what does this mean for iClone users and content developers? Wolf summarizes the controversy and gets straight to the meat of the matter.
  • How do the various Materials maps work (diffuse, specular, opacity, etc.)?
This week's Ultra, uber, top secret listener exclusive freebie giveaway is a lovely troll character with custom terrain included.


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