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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The One Where We Take Out Our Hammers

Last night's show is already available for download here.

We discuss:

external image 1_3744.jpg
iClone3 - Mini project...
From: davbarbosa

external image 1_3712.jpg
The Swear Jar
From: omanuel

external image 2_3173.jpg
The Humpty Dance
From: omanuel

external image 2_1143.jpg
TMOA IDOL: Suspicious Minds
From: BudBundysMullet


*Using the timeline to assist with animations
*Integrating CrazyTalk with iClone

AND....Announcing the Wolf & Dulci Building Blocks Competition

This is a fun contest sponsored by CoolCreators and our show to get people using and having fun with building their own props and sets. It is meant to be enjoyable so don't get yourself bent out of shape.

Here's how the contest breaks down.

*You must use just the stock building blocks and 3D surfaces that ship with iClone to build a castle.
*The minimum requirements are: 4 walls and 4 turrets, but anything additional you want to add to it above and beyond that using the building blocks only is encouraged.
*Your prop must be textured.

We will award winner based on our judging of 1.Originality, 2. Texturing, and 3. Detail.

CoolCreators has generously agreed to donate some store dollars and other fun prizes will be announced shortly. The winner will also be showcased in our weekly promo video.

This contest came about from one of our listeners and is meant to enable the user. Remember like Bob the Builder says:"Can we build it??? Yes we can" (sorry that's a reference one of the kids shows we parents know & love)

Please feel free to post pics of your contest entries on the forums so that we can encourage you and applaud all your wonderful creations. You have 2 weeks. All submissions must be received by Sunday June the 6th. Entries can be emailed to or

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