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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The One Where We Learn About Dummies


This week we took a look at iCloner GobiSunFilms first movie made with iClone - Saving a Square Boy:

Also discussed were several current machinima/moviemaking competitions available for entry right now, including:

Filminute (deadline August 20th) - The international one-minute film festival that challenges filmmakers, writers, animators, artists, designers, and creative producers to develop and submit the world's best one-minute films.

Watch The People Speak (deadline September 2nd) - Download and animate the words that changed history. Aniboom Animation competition.

The First Annual Ollies (deadline August 31st for nominations) - TMUnderground's first annual awards.

iClone's Tribute to Famous Movies (deadline August 31st) - Reallusion's costume contest.

Be sure to listen to Reallusion's John Martin as he is featured on the recent podcast by Dogearnation (Episode 116).

Joining us in the second halk of the show was Gabe (aka Animatechnica). He recently met with Reallusion's Charles Chen to get a special sneak peek of iClone4, and we discussed some of the features that particularly stood out to him.

Oh, and there's a slight rant by Wolf as he tries to give excuses for his lack of internet usage over the weekend.

Finally, we make our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - our show is now available as a podcast through iTunes. If you search for iClone on iTunes, you'll find us. You can also subscribe to the podcast or request email updates via the links found here.

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