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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The One Where We Share a Surreal Experience


Despite Wolf calling in from the Arctic and me logging in drugged with migraine medication (our live listeners maintained that the first chaotic half of the show was highly entertaining, but we've always known they are crazy), we still managed to provide some information about the upcoming iClone 4. Be sure to check out the demo videos provided by Reallusion so far:

iClone4 - Drag & Drop Editing Video
iClone4 - Transition Curve Video
iClone4 - Video Texture as Image Layer Video
iClone4 - Motion Path with HDR Video

We answered on-the-fly questions from our chatroom listeners, including some details about the timeline and videos as image layers.

Wolf was not stumped by the question this week, but provided valuable information about methods to make characters walk up stairs in iClone.

The freebie for our listeners this week is the school hallway pictured above. Be sure to email the super duper uber secret code to Wolf to receive your copy!

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