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Friday, November 6, 2009

The One Where We Go APE

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Did you catch the promo video Wolf made this week? I appreciate all the viewers who vouch for my innocence!

Several interesting movies were released last week, and we discussed a few of them during the show. Of special note was TheBiz's House of Horror:

TheBiz's House of Horror from thebiz on Vimeo.

Also discussed were my recent bit of craziness - PlayLand Episode 1 (featuring a special Jimmy Toon textured by Wolf), two movies by Chrisproductions - The Dead Again and The Change. As we talked about The Change, Wolf shared with us a few tips on how to make a face transition in iClone. We also looked at the delightful piece by WarLord - Wulf-B-Gone.

We talked about how much the fun the iClone Jimmy Toon character is to play with, along with a reminder from Wolf on how easy it can be to retexture him.

From some of our listeners that don't have 3D exchange, a special request was made for Jimmy Toon props of a different variety than some items currently on the market, but still maintaining the cartoon vibe. As a result we're showcasing Sketchup Designer Ian West and some of his cartoon style buildings. We've converted these props from Sketchup to iclone and are giving them away as one of tonight's Freebies on the show. Thank You Ian. These are top notch.

We finally settled on a name for our not-contests-participation-fun. After an unusual discussion, we decided to henceforth call these APE's - Audience Participation Events.

In the first official Wolf & Dulci Hour APE extravaganza, we are inviting you to make an Awwwww Shucks! movie.

The only criteria are that the movie includes both the Wolf & Dulci iWallE character and Jimmy Toon.

The judges will be Wolf's two daughters (6 and 8 yrs old) and my son (5 yrs old). Based on their strict standards, the movie that provides the biggest Awwww Shucks! moments will win.

The winner will receive a custom Jimmy Toon character designed by Wolf.

We hope to see some fun videos in this event and look forward to seeing the cute & cuddly side of all of you.

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