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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The One Where We See The Light

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After about 20 minutes of Wolf mocking me, we moved into the heavy content with our special guest Stuckon3D. Cris held his first introductory class to iClone4 earlier today. Below is some information regarding Cris and his iClone classes. Wolf & Cris also went into specifics regarding the new lighting options in iClone4 - both HDR and IBL.

This is the first of many classes I will be teaching depending on the demand for it. While the future classes are not going to be free, they will be priced so that everyone can afford them. $35 per person. Lessons will be one to two hour classes plus 30 minutes for Q&A session. The classes will also be project based so by the end of the class you will see a mini project from start to end.

Topic I will be covering in my classes are:

1) Intro to Iclone4 (Learn the XYZ's to navigate iclone like a pro) (FREE ALWAYS!)
2) Intro to modeling in IC4 using primitives (it includes simple texturing techniques as well)
3) Advanced modeling for creating custom props (using sketchup and 3d exchange)
4) Intro to texturing in IC4 (learn what the different types of textures are for, what UVs are and how you can use them to your advantage)
5) Advance texturing in IC4 (learn how to combine all the texturing types and shaders to create realistic materials for your scenes)
6) Intro to lighting and shadows (Learn how to light to tell your story)
7) Advanced Lighting (Learn how to combine IBL with HDRI and tone mapping to get the best lighting scenarios possible out of iclone)
8) Intro to animation in IC4 (Learn keyframing and path animation to create fantastic flying logos and more!)
9) Advanced Animation ( learn to control your character using motion files and poses using the motion layer editor)
10) Effects in IC4 ( learn how to use particles, flex meshes, dynamic props, etc)

Detail breakdowns for each class will be available when the classes are offered. Also remember that while you dont have to take them all I would strongly recommend it,specially if you are a beginner, but of course you can also take only the ones you are interested in.

Teaching method:
While anyone can become a master of all RL softwares/tools with enough practice, not everyone is classified as an artist because they mastered them. And that is what Iclone is, a tool, a tool to help you express your visions.
In my classes, im not just going to tell how to use the tools, but how you can apply it in an artist way to help you unleash your visions. I will also teach some basic principles, for example:

1) In modeling, i will teach you to push a model to its limit without making it heavy. I will show you what can be done texturally without having to model it.
2) In texturing, I will show you how different material behave in real life and show you how to recreate them in the Iclone world.
3) In lighting, I will teach the basic principles and them show you how to translate that with Iclone lights, IBL,HDRI, and tone mapping.

Well I think you get the point by now. I'm going to teach iclone from an artist point of view, because anyone can teach you that 2+2=4, but an artist can also show you how if you turn a four upsidedown you can use it as a chair in iclone '-l l-,

The introduction class will always be free and I will be giving it once a month depending on how many people sign up. The seats are limited, 15 total, so sign up! What are waiting for, the intro class is FREE! Plus for all those who join the class, they will receive a $5 dollar discount toward the next class.

So who Am I?
I'm a 3d artist with 20 years plus experience.
I have worked on two major TV series ("Star Trek : Voyager" and "Deep Space nine"). Also worked for Disney, Nickelodeon, and Electronic Arts as a senior artist and an Art Director. I've also done movie trailers and music videos, as well as worked on six animated feature films. So if you ask yourself, does this guy have any experience? Does he know what he is talking about? well what do you think.

How does it work?
you sign up and I will send you a link for a GOTOMEETING place on saturday. You follow the simple instructions and you will see my screen on your computer and watch me work first hand. Simple and effective. All you need is a good connection.

Who should attend?
Anyone who would like to learn Iclone's workflow for creating a shot.
Anyone that wants to learn to move around the GUI so that it does not get in the way of your creativity.
Anyone that would like to pick up some cool tips and tricks.

Thank you guys for joining the class, I had a blast teaching it. Due to the success of the class and the feedback, i have decided already on the future schedule. I hope to see you all there.

Modeling class: saturday December 5th, @ 10:30 AM
Texturing class: Saturday, December 12th @ 10:30 AM
Lighting class: Saturday, December 19th @ 10:30 AM
Intro to iclone 4: Sunday December 27 @ 10:30 AM (FREE)

PS: If there is enough interest on the intro class, I' m willing to do an encore performance next saturday the 21st. But only if the class is full. 15 people. if not the next one will be on december as schedule.

The classes will be $35 per person and of course the people that attended the free class get a $5 discount as promised.

I will be posting more details about each class and images of that you are going to be learning soon. Again thank you everyone that participated.

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