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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The One Where We Pack For the Machinima Expo

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After a special new theme song by themonk, we started off the show discussing the 48 hour machinima event and the controversy around iClone not being accepted as an acceptable platform for submissions (read more about that here and here). However, since the show the issue has been resolved, with a very gracious response from Chantal Harvey clearing up the matter & indicating that iClone will be accepted next year.

Ricky Grove, Phil Rice, and Damien (DarthAngelus) joined us to discuss the Machinima Expo in Second Life, as well as machinima at large and specifically for our audience, how iClone fits in to the Machinima community.

Wolf's promo video this week is a silent video in conjunction with a friend's Pinhead Character.

This week's freebie deals with materials on faces. Added detail with bump mapping, specular maps etc...

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