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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The One Where Do The Machinima Expo Red Carpet

Dulci as Little Red Riding Hood

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This week was a show san Wolf, as he was still locked in my dungeon pending good behavior.

However, John Martin & Gabe (aka animatechnica) joined me for a recap of the Machinima Expo held Sunday, November 22nd. After we covered the crucial topic of what everyone wore to the event, we moved on to summarize our experiences and overall general vibe of the Expo.

Wolf & I would like to thank the expo organizers for their positive mentions of the Wolf & Dulci Hour, TMUnderground, Reallusion, and CoolClones.

For our freebie of the week, I took unfair advantage of my guests and put them on the spot to come up with a freebie while I greeted our chat room listeners. Gabe stepped up & the freebie this week is a fun character pack.

Jorge came up with a new chatroom drinking game, but I won't incriminate him by posting all the details here!

Here's a link to my slideshow of pictures from the Expo.

John Martin presenting iClone with Dulci

Gabe & Dulci entering a theater to catch a machinima movie

Women in Machinima Panel

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