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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The One Where Wolf is Freed From The Dungeon

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Wolf returns after missing last week's show, and more than makes up for his absence with a variety of goodies to show and share. This week's exclusive listener freebie is a modified and armored Kane character. Custom texturing an bump mapping with armor accessories (sword not included).

The following two pieces by Wolf led to our discussion of how versatile iClone 4 is, and how much can be accomplished without using any post production software.

For a better view of this peaceful rendering by Wolf, please visit the thread here.

This was
a quick set test of alpha channel video, detailed texturing, mapping and lighting in iclone. Random items, no purpose other than to test combinations.

An exceptional example of what can accomplished with no post work outside of iClone is Stuckon3d's recent Turkey Dance:

We also recommended two movies by Biggstrek. One being his mysterious Pong video and the other his 15-second Star Wars clip.

I did my best to fulfill my promise to our loyal listener's last week, but I found Wolf's recently released sci fi pack user friendly. The only complaint I have is that it doesn't come up with a magic pill for scriptwriting inspiration!

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